Central Student Financials Unit

The Central Student Financials Unit (CSFU) of the Finance Office handles student payments, collection of outstanding student fees, and enquiries on student financials related matters, including payment method & procedures, refund & disbursement, deferral payment of tuition/hall fees, etc..

Frequently asked questions are set out in this website, for quick reference. For further enquiries, students may contact us via

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

How do students pay hall, tuition, caution money, & non-local student compulsory medical insurance?

Students may pay these fees via:

  • Internet Banking
  • Automated Teller Machine (“ATM”)
  • PPS by Phone or Internet
  • Cheque Deposit Machine
  • Hang Seng Bank Counter
  • Bank Remittance / Wire Transfer
  • **NEW** WeChat Pay / Alipay / Faster Payment System (FPS) in SIS

Payment procedures are set out here

Can students pay tuition / hall fee, caution money, & compulsory medical insurance by credit card?

Yes, but payment has to be made via one of the following channels :

  • Internet Banking
  • Automated Teller Machine (“ATM”)
  • PPS by Phone or Internet
How can students get or apply for the tuition payment receipt?

Students may log in the front page of the SIS Student Center, in the Finance Related Matters section at the right hand corner, the link “Official Receipt (Tuition Fee) will direct you to print an official receipt for the collected tuition fee payment. There is no automatically generated official receipt for other fee payment, such as hall fee, caution money, compulsory medical insurance for non-local student.

Why payment is made but not recorded in the SIS?

There is a time lag between payment and bank data transmission onto the SIS for record update. It may take 1-3 working days; and overseas bank remittance may require a longer period of 10 working days for interbank clearance. Another possible reason may be incorrect input of student number, bank account, or student no. is not specified in the bank remittance payment etc.

Can a third party make payment for a student?

Yes, the payer must quote the student number when making payment.