Outstanding Payment Non-compliance Policies

  • Students are required to pay the prescribed fees charged by the University according to the due dates. Reminders on overdue payments will be sent to students.
  • Students with overdue payments may be subject to suspension of services in one or more of the following areas :
    • Suspension of all system access requiring network account login (e.g. SIS, CANVAS, WIFI (eduroam), computer barn, hall application, sports facility booking, etc.), and student card identification for access control and relevant services (e.g Library, halls, offices and laboratories, etc.), except for Student Email Account
    • Required withdrawal from study
    • Withholding academic transcript  
    • Withholding diploma (when available)
  • Once the above services are suspended, students need to apply for resumption of services and settle an administrative fee of $400.
    (Please see FAQ #7.8 for detailed procedure)
  • Graduates with overdue fees or loans cannot enjoy the alumni privilege in using sports facilities and library services, but can only retain the lifelong email account.  Registration for studying another new program may not be allowed before payment of the overdue balances and an administrative fee of $400.

Students who have financial difficulties in settling tuition fees/ hall fees may apply for payment deferral.  Please contact Scholarships & Financial Aid Office (SFAO) sfao.fa@ust.hk for assistance and advice.